“A brilliant series of paintings that glow with light, joy in nature, and the love of the body . . . Light becomes color and is used to dematerialize forms so that an impressionist abstraction invests them with mystery. Brilliant focused light sets colors blazing. He applies his paint in thin transparent glazes which gives his work the spontaneous freedom that look as if they had been put down with colored air.”
-New York Post

“Kaish’s way of holding nature at bay has produced a new multi-dimensional concern with line form and shape — and the outcome is a fascinating blend of the abstract and the figurative. By now, his command of the subject is nothing less than masterful; to be in the presence of these fresh and radiant paintings is to experience anew the vigorous range of his brush.”

-Arts Magazine

“If there is a man alive who enjoys painting more than Mr. Kaish does, he hasn’t had a show recently . . . the impression made by these pictures filled with sunlight is that their production was a rapturous experience for the artist. When he gets into that area of his palette where the reds, oranges and fuschias are laid out he is most exuberant of all. His delight in painting is fully relayed to the observer . . .”
-New York Times

“Morton Kaish seems to take the abstract compositional idea behind Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” and return it to the kind of cityscape that inspired it.”
-New York Times

“In Garden scenes and interiors, picnics on the beach and views from his studio, Kaish displays a happy knack for adapting the best devices of contemporary painting to limn some timeless verities. The Music Room, for instance, has all the gracious intimacy of an old Dutch parlor — open piano, children at play, light bursting through the window in an incendiary display of warmth — yet its jubilant color and relaxed brushwork proclaim its modern vintage.”
-Time Magazine

“Color in Kaish’s paintings is something more than a variable of nature. It becomes, in sunlight, a life force, as if projecting the breath of form rather than the form alone, emotive rather than simply representational.”
-Art World

“Kaish’s paintings are a chronicle in which we bear witness to delicate changes of light and color. Each painting is both a moment and an eternity. In the abstract presentation of the view, each composition seems to offer harmony as a complete and cohesive set.”
-Arts Magazine

“They are representations of the domestic scene with a view to its paradisial possibilities, aglow with a kind of ambiguous blue-red light accented with shocks of greenery . . .”
-Art News

“This New Jersey born painter brings to light a latter-day Bonnard, richly gifted in the warm and supple manipulation of paint, matched to the singular awareness of the intimist joys of a sun-drenched picnic or an interior. Nothing sentimental here, nothing soupy — only a delight with recording the movements of light across the landscapes and figures that celebrate the bounty of nature and the human spirit.”
-NY Herald Tribune

“Looking at this New Yorker’s paintings is like gazing at the horizon on a too-bright day: they almost send one reeling.”
-Time Magazine

“He has the esteem of critics, the devotion of collectors and the admiration of his peers. Everything he exhibits reflects that high level of intelligence and creative ability capable of transforming even the most commonplace of objects into art.”
– Christian Science Monitor

“. . . One of our genuine National Treasures.”
-Art Times